i>clicker Quizzes

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There are several purposes of the i>clicker Quizzes. Knowing you will face review questions each class session will encourage you to make a habit of reviewing notes daily. The i>clicker Quizzes provide an opportunity to make sure the class understands concepts, and explore misunderstandings about topics presented. Lastly, many students, need help to stay awake in class!


During each class session, you will answer questions about material previously presented, and work on mastering terms for the Anatomy & Sports Medicine Terms Test. An i>clicker is required to complete this work. This small, hand-held device emits a radio frequency signal to a receiver in the classroom. Software saves your input data, summarizes all input data for immediate feedback to the class, and will be transferred as a daily grade into CitLearn.

Honor and i>clicker Quizzes

You are encouraged to study with classmates. It is OK to use what you are learning from all sources to be successful. However, when it comes time to “click,” do your own work.

Do not ask another student to click in for you if you will miss class; do not agree to click in for another student if he or she will miss class. I consider either of these behaviors to be a violation of the Honor Code.

Grade Value

i>clicker Quizzes and Homework are collectively worth 20% of the final grade. There are two homework Literature Review assignments for this course. Each is worth 100 points (200 total). There will be between 200 and 250 additional points that come from i>clicker Quizzes.

For each class session, you will earn two (2) points for responding to all i>clicker questions, and one (1) point for each correctly answered question. The total per day points will be posted to CitLearn as an i>clicker Quiz.

Scoring i>clicker Quizzes