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Occupations in the fields of health, medicine, exercise science and sport have standardized terminology. This terminology helps everyone involved in the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries perform effectively for the athlete’s benefit. The  Anatomy & Sports Medicine Terms Test will ensure that you master many terms important in this field.

Instructions and Format

You must score 100% on this Anatomy & Sports Medicine Terms Test before the end of the semester. You may take the test as many times as you need, and at your convenience.

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Word List

On each Anatomy Term Quiz, there are more terms than definitions, but you are responsible for all terms on word list. You may use textbooks and other references to study for quiz. You may work together to study for quiz, but do   your own work when taking quiz. Print this List
Abduction Ecchymosis Open Chain
Accessory Motion Edema Osteoarthritis
Acromioclavicular joint Elevation Osteokinematic
Active Motion End Feel Palpable
Acute Epiphysis Passive Motion
Adduction Erythema Patellofemoral joint
Analgesic Etiology Pathology
Anatomical position Evaluation Pectoral
Anesthesia Eversion Periosteum
Anterior Exotosis Phalanges
Antipyretic Extension Plantar
Apophysis Fascia Plantar flexion
Apprehension Sign Flat bones Plexus
Approximation Flexion Posterior
Arthrokinematic Frontal Plane Pronation
Articulation Glenohumeral joint Prone
Assessment Goniometry Prophylactic
Atrophy Guarding Proximal
Avulsion Hamstrings Quadriceps
Axilla Hemarthrosis Range of Motion
Bilateral Hematocele Rotation
Bilateral Comparison Herniation Rotator cuff
Brachial History Sagittal plane
Break Test Horizontal Plane Short bones
Bursa Hyaline (articular) cartilage Sign
Callus Hyperextension SOAP Notes
Capsule Hypermobility Spasm
Carpal Hypertrophy Sprain
Caudal Inferior Strain
Cephalad Innervation Stress Test
Chronic Instability Subluxation
Circumduction Intra-articular Superficial
Closed Chain Inversion Superior
Comminuted Ipsilateral Supination
Condyle Joint Supine
Contralateral Lateral Symptom
Coronal Plane Laxity Synovial fluid
Costal Ligament Tendon
Crepitus Long bones Tibiofemoral joint
Cutaneous Longitudinal axis Transverse axis
Deep Malingering Transverse Plane
Depression Medial Tuberosity
Dermatome Mediastinum Valgus
Diaphysis Meniscus Valgus Stress
Dislocation Motor unit Varum
Distal Myotendinous Unit Varus Stress
Dorsal Myotome Volar
Dorsiflexion Neuroma Joint Capsule
Muscle Guarding

Honor and Terms Test

You are encouraged to study with classmates. It is OK to use what you are learning from all sources to be successful. However, when you report to take the Terms Test, do your own work.

Do not share questions, answers or any information about the Terms Test that would enable another student to complete it without doing the work on his/her own. Do not ask someone else to share with you questions, answers or other information about the Terms Test that would enable you to complete it without doing the work on your own. I consider either of these behaviors to be a violation of the Honor Code.

Grade Value

Terms Test is worth 15% of final grade. Extra credit opportunities will not be given in this class. However, you may receive 5 bonus points on final grade for successfully completing the Terms Test before 1600 on March 09th.

Once you have successful passed the Terms Test (i.e., 100% correct), the score of 100 will be posted to CitLearn.