Tests and Final Exam


Topics covered during class are priority. The plan is to have two in-class tests before the midterm grading period, one afterward, and a cumulative final written exam at the end of the semester. These tests and exam will evaluate your success at retaining what you learned in class.

Instructions and Format

You will be provided a study guide that matches each lecture. Use this study guide to follow along during the lecture so that your notes are complete when it is time to study for tests and the final exam. Test and final exam questions will come directly from study guides. Questions will be in the format of fill-in-the-blank, short answer and multiple choices. A word bank will not be provided.

Be prepared to use the entire class time when taking tests and final exam. If you need, or think you may need, extended test taking time because of a disability, it is important that you register with the Academic Support Center (117 Thompson Hall, 843-953-1820) and notify me of your eligibility for reasonable accommodations.

Honor, Tests and Final Exam

When you report to take in-class tests and the final exam, you should bring only a pen or pencil with you; these assessments are “closed book.”

Do not share questions, answers or any information about tests or the final exam that would enable another student to complete them without doing the work on his/her own. Do not ask someone else to share with you questions, answers or other information about tests or the final exam that would enable you to complete them without doing the work on your own. I consider either of these behaviors to be a violation of the Honor Code.

Grade Value

Each in-class is worth 10% of the final grade. The final written exam is worth 20% of the final grade.